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Celebrating Mandela Day

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we had.”  –  Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela imparted the world with an incredible legacy.  During his lifetime, and even now, he symbolised a great number of things:  ubuntu, compassion, courage, togetherness, hope, change, unity, and peace.  Today, on the 18th of July, we celebrate Mandela Day and the 67 years which he spent fighting for a better South Africa.

Mandela Day is not just about celebrating Madiba and his legacy – it’s about continuing his legacy and making the world a better place.  Before his passing, Nelson Mandela asked us to give just 67 minutes of a single day (the 18th) to a good cause.  That’s one minute for every year he fought for freedom and justice in South Africa.  His legacy is thus not just his own, but ours as well.  Madiba inspired (and keeps on doing so) us to make the world a better place and so his spirit and his virtues live on through us.  Whatever troubles face us as a nation today, we can only face these troubles and build a brighter future together.

When we reach out to fellow humans, we don’t just do it for fame and recognition.  We do it because we know that the future is in our hands and that we have the power to make any change we can think of.  Even at home we can make a difference.  Think about the kind of legacy you will leave your family when you pass away.  Will they be taken care of?  Will they be able to go through life with the wisdoms you imparted on them? 

MobiLife firmly believes in every virtue that Nelson Mandela stood for and we strive to deliver these virtues to our customers every day.  We know the importance of leaving a legacy.  We know the importance of taking care of loved ones when we’re no longer able to.  Compassion, hope, and courage are our business, and so we will do our very best to bring this business to you.

How will you be remembered?

What will you leave behind?


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